Meteogram charts

Meteograms are available for deterministic and ensemble forecasts. Deterministic forecasts are based on the operational 0.25 deg Global Forecast System (GFS), whereas ensemble forecasts are based on the 0.5 deg Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS). The model output at given lat-lon grid points is bilinearly interpolated to selected sites (Austria, Canary Islands).

Uncertainties in the initial conditions (Analyses) are a major source of errors in numerical weather forecasts. Ensemble weather forecasts can take account of uncertainties in the initial conditions. The GEFS generates an ensemble of perturbed forecasts starting from slightly different (perturbed) initial conditions. Currently, the GEFS ensemble consists of 30 members (30 perturbed forecasts + 1 control run). The ensemble output can be interpreted as a probabilistic weather prediction.

Deterministic forecasts (GFS 0.25 degree) out to 132 hours at 3 hourly time intervals

Ensemble forecasts (GEFS 0.5 degree) out to 192 hours at 3 hourly time intervals

The charts should be used as guidance only.

All forecast charts keep time using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).